Friday, March 30, 2012

My name is Anne, how may I help you?

Life as a call center agent is quite stressful! Good thing, I'm in technical support, and not in billing or sales, or I could have gone mad already! When I was a newbie, an upset customer shouted at me and I almost cried after the call! I've been with the company for more than five years now and I've talked to different people with varying personalities!

There were times when I got offended by racists, almost had a heart attack because of irate callers, got insane with super slow customers, lost patience with people who complain just about everything, laughed with non-sense jokes, shared experiences with 80-yr-old peeps who use email, and suggested beautiful places in the country to those who love to travel!

These are some of the weirdest and funniest conversations I had!

ME: May I have your telephone number please?
CUSTOMER: [proudly] I don't know my phone number. I don't call myself.
ME: [speechless]
#tumbling mode# 

CUSTOMER: [confidently] I'm a linguist and I know a lot of international languages! Where are you located?
ME: Really? That's awesome! I'm in the Philippines!
CUSTOMER: [full of excitement] NI HAO MA!
ME: [awkward silence for a few sec] That's Chinese.
#lakas makaloko ni sir#

CUSTOMER: I'm an IT guy and I know technical stuff, you don't need to be too slow with me.
ME: Okay, Thank you. What Operating System are you running on the PC?
CUSTOMER: What's that?!?
#IT??IT pala ha?#

CUSTOMER: I have a Filipino friend and I love Filipino dishes!
ME: What do you love most?
ME: [disappointed] Oh, that's Korean!
#eh-wan ko seyo!#

ME: [opening] Thank you for blah blah blah.. [interrupted by caller]
CUSTOMER: [loudly] I want you to send somebody out to my house now! [then hungs up]
#ikaw na nag-iisang customer namin! Bang Galing eh!#

CUSTOMER: [irate] I cannot connect to the internet! Your company is disgusting! If you can't resolve my problem, I'm going to switch to a different provider!!!
ME: I'm really sorry for the trouble but I will do my best to help you. Is your computer ON right now?
CUSTOMER: [shouting] I don't know how to turn the damn computer ON!!! blah blah blah....
ME: [in mute] Pano ka nga naman makapag-internet kung patay ang computer mo..
#sakit sa bangs#

CUSTOMER: [angrily] I can't believe that you cannot pull up my account without my account number?!
#hindi rin ako makapaniwala sa sinabi mo sir#

CUSTOMER: What do I type in the "first name" box?
ME: [in mute ulet] First name ko, sige type mo first name ko! 
#adik much!#

CUSTOMER: I can't believe you disconnected my dsl service for $80! I will sue you guys!!
#taas kilay#

CUSTOMER: Are you still single?
ME: Yes.
CUSTOMER: You don't know how lucky you are for being single!
#ayii, si ma'am.. may pinagsisisihan!#

CUSTOMER: I'm a relationship expert and you should visit my website!
ME: That's interesting! What's your website?
CUSTOMER: It's **** That's m-a-s-t-e-r-d-a-t-e-r not masturb*ter.. [then laughs]
#kunwari wala akong narinig#

I also have a share of bloopers!

CUSTOMER: Do i need to restart the computer?
ME: Opo. [silence from customer] I mean.. yes!
#pak! kung ano ano kasi ginagawa#

ME: Okay, so I'll go ahead and transfer you to our belling [coughs] billing department.

CUSTOMER: What's a router?
ME: A router is a device that will enable you to be able to.. [pause]
#redundant much#

I guess there's still more mind blowing conversations that I just can't remember right now. Next time na lang.. :)


  1. hahaha kung naalala mo pa siguro lahat ng adik na nakausap at ikwekwento dito, mapupuno ang buong blog mo :)

  2. hahaha... ang sarap n lng nilang tawanan ngaun kahit ngbigay sila ng stress dati... :p

  3. hahahahaha...
    CUSTOMER: are you an indian?
    ATASHI: no! are you?

  4. @zaizai - oo nga. hindi ko na maalala yun ibang sinabi nila.. alam ko marami pa!

    @lori - hahaha, alam mo yan, during the call, gusto mo batuhin sila ng monitor sa bwisit, pero ngayon, nakakatawa na lang..

    @lindsay - hahaha!

  5. ang dami kong tawa friend.. ^_^

  6. @anonymous - buti napatawa kita friend!

  7. witty; had a blast reading this blog!

  8. andami nga nagsasabi mahirap daw magwork sa call center, kaya congrats dahil naka-more-than-5 years ka na pala! andami kong tawa sa mga bloopers hahahahahaha :D

    1. Ang dame nga! hahaha! mahirap nga mag-work sa call center pero marami rin siya natulong saken kaya tumagal!

      thanks :)

  9. hahaha..backread lang.. tawa much ako sa mga conversations may part 2 na ba ito?

    1. Actually, may plano nga akong gawan to ng part 2, dami nadagdag sa collection ko eh! Thanks sa pagbaback read! I appreciate it so much!

    2. Aabangan ko talaga yang part 2 na yan hehe..ewan ko ba naaaliw ako magbasa ng blog mo kasi siguro nakakarelate ako most of your posts..nabasa ko shout out mo at tama ka walang ways of contacting me neither you hehe..can you give me your twitter account if possible?..thanks a lot also for visiting my blog.. by the way tinanggal ko na yung word verification hehehe..

  10. haha. nice! been there done that ika nila!! 7 years in call center and still counting!!! there's a lot of that and kung iisipin mo.. nakakatawa talaga tayo..kung mag kamali wagas buti na lang di nakakaintindi ang sa kabilang line!!

    followed you via GFC! hope to share a lot of moment like this with you!



  11. hahahahahahahaha! :D This callcenter spoofs made my day :D hahahahahahahahaha!

  12. hahaha! natawa naman ako sa mga customer...

    Hirap mag work sa call center... kailangan mahaba ang pasensiya... kaya pala napaka friendly ng aura mo... sanay ka na makipag usap sa lahat hehehe

  13. LOL nakakatawa eto. Sarap din palang maging callcenter minsan kung may gantong mga kabwisitang conversation. hahaha :)

  14. hi ms joanne i saw your blog when you visit baguio family will be going on a trip on may 26and i was thinking if you could help us contact the one you had stayed and also kuya ferdinand who gave you trasnport and tour...we would like to have budgeted trip as much as possible. thanks. God Bless.