Saturday, March 10, 2012

Food Trip in Antipolo!

Just tonight, I dined in two different restaurants in Antipolo! Both served good food at affordable prices!

First stop: Tiolo! A newly opened restaurant that serves mainly barbeque, steaks and pasta!

I ate spaghetti with meatballs and tropical juice. The pasta was good, the sauce is sweet and the meatballs are yummy! Best part is it costs only PhP83!

My friends were satisfied with what they had too! I took a bite of the porkchop steak and I loved it; will definitely order that next time!

Porkchop Steak
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Roasted Pork
After the sumptuous meal in Tiolo, we then headed to our next target: Hanoel! A small coffee shop! Well, the main reason we came here is not because of the coffee, but the Korean owner named Chris Lee who happened to be very good looking! ;p

It is worth coming to this coffee shop (not only because of Chris!) because of the relaxing ambiance and unique interiors! 

You can post your thoughts here!
Love this double deck!
Featured Menu!
They have different musical instruments (that's not only intended for display) like the piano, guitar and violin (plus those that I don't know the exact names). Too bad I don't know how to play any of them!

And let's not forget what's on the menu! I ordered mocha frappe which is just right but not yet comparable to Starbucks' blend.

But I super loved the waffle! The outer crust is crisp yet the inside is soft and chewy, and it is very creamy! And the caramel and chocolate toppings are just perfect!

And I also liked this korean version of halo-halo, with some fruits and fruit loops cereal and sweet monggo.

I enjoyed both resto and would hope to come back! But what I loved most in Hanoel that I didn't find in Tiolo? Chris Lee!

Isn't he charming? :)

2145 Circumferential rd.Brgy. San Roque , 1870 Antipolo, Rizal
Mon - Sun:10:00 am-10:00 pm
(02) 695 9467


  1. awww nagutom ulit ako sa pics ng food at sa pic ni Chris! :)

  2. who on earth is this angel you are with friend? ;)

  3. @zaizai - ako din nagutom ulet! like ko nun waffle ng hanoel!

    @anastacia - he is chris lee; owner of hanoel cafe! cute no? #kilig!

  4. tara, balik ulet tayo sa hanoel! hahaha!

  5. @bebe faye - go! tara na! agad agad to! :)

  6. saan 'tong mga lugar na 'to dito sa antipolo? bakit di ko alam? hehe!

  7. @Papa Gino!!! Hello! So happy sa pagpaparamdam mo! Yun tiolo malapit sa mcdo sa tapat ng unciano, next block lang.. Yun Hanoel sa may pagkalampas ng shopwise! :)

  8. thank you for having a good comment on TIOLO..... im one of the stuff there

    1. Hi Khenjo! masarap naman kasi talaga yun food! Hope makabalik ako! :)

  9. Nice Blog Joanne! I want to try this restaurant when I visit Antipolo in September.


    1. Hi Jimbo, taga-saan ka ba at september ka pa punta ng antipolo? Gow na agad!

      Thanks for dropping by! :)

  10. shet! ang cute naman ni chris lee grabeeee..super attracted pa naman ako sa singkit..