Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nagcarlan and Liliw - Take 2!

The first time I visited Nagcarlan, I went to the Underground Cemetery. Last Saturday, I came back and saw Bunga Falls. I'm again with my college bestfriends, Ruth and Joana. And this time, we have pretty Rica with us.. Kumpleto ang barkada, yey!

Pikpakan sa JAM Liner!

We arrived at Ruth's home around 12nn, had a quick lunch and then went to the falls. We had to do a little trekking to get to where the falls is.

Short trek pero ka-haggard din!

Entrance fee is quite expensive, we almost could not afford it. Char! PhP5 lang so di na kami nagtaka nun nakita namin na andaming tao.

We crossed a make-shift bridge to get a better view of Bunga Falls. At para makapag-picturan din ng walang sagabal!

Kamusta naman sa dami ng cast!
Bunga Falls with kuyang pasikatera sa pag-dive! Bilib much ako.

We left a few minutes later. We were all excited to go to Liliw.. What do you expect, we're all girls and we just love quality yet affordable shoes! It was even better because we were in time for the Liliw Gat Tayaw Tsinelas Festival..

Hiram hiram ng tindang balloons pag may time! :P

At dahil marami kaming time that day, nakapag-food trip din kami. Barbeque, isaw, fishballs, chicken skin.. street-foods overload.. yummy!

Natuwa din kami sa contest ng "Pinakamaganda na Malaking Sapatos".. Cam whores? Di naman masyadow..

3rd place! Walang pic yun 2nd..

To say that we enjoyed shopping is an understatement, we strolled back and forth the streets of Liliw for almost 5 hours!

Naka-heels pa si Ruth nun ah!
Usual prices: Flats PhP250, Wedges PhP350-400, Slippers PhP100-200
And more shoes!!!!!

It was indeed fun yet tiring and a little frustrating because most of the shoes that I liked were not available in my size.. I got to buy only a pair of wedges! Pero okay lang kasi nagtitipid din naman ako, hehe. Rica grabbed four pairs while Joana and Ruth got two pairs each. 

I can't remember the last time that the four of us were together so I really had a great time! 

Sorry for the photo overload.. I must say, I missed blogging! :)


My bubbly friend Carlo, who was also a volunteer of PBO's last outreach, has created his own blog! I-welcome naten ang ating Baronesa sa blog world.. here's his/her/its link: http://carlkalabawawaw.blogspot.com/


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Million Thanks!

Dear God,

Can I ever Thank You enough?

Woke up to just another ordinary day
But I dare not complain
You gave me another morn to spare
And Thank You is all I can say

I've got a family so huge, so crazed
But the love they give is beyond compare
I guess a perfect home is what we all wish for
So Thank You Lord, I couldn't ask for more

Untamed set of friends I have them too
Yet in tough times, I've proven them true
You brought wonderful people in my life
Forgetting to Thank You is just not right

I know sometimes I whine too much
About the things I want but can't have
But Lord, I Thank You because you always give
Just enough of what I ever need

I tend to worry every so often
Anxious of things that are yet to happen
But I know You're there to guide, to protect
Thank You for that promise You kept

Not too long ago I got sick and I was afraid
I cried of pain but never did I lose faith
I was grateful for the doctors but I Thank You even more
You healed me, You had my health restored

And could I ever forget the time when I felt broken
I was alone, or so I thought, and I hit rock bottom
I sincerely prayed that You come back into my life
Then You made me realize.. You were there all the while

God, You are so good.

Thank You.

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