Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random Emotions!


I am so tired.. My TL required us to render an hour of OT for 3 days starting today! That's what we call perfect "haggard" mode! And I am not over reacting.. I mean an hour of OT in the call center industry filled with irate callers and mind boggling issues is equal to tons of stress and equal to more or less PhP100! Definitely not worth it for me.. I'd rather spend that one hour reading blog posts that I truly enjoy..


Sometime a week ago, I had the most embarrassing moment of my life! I'm not really a cellphone addict, I seldom make calls or send texts.. But I have this new friend and I was having fun exchanging text messages with him.. I was going down the stairs and still using my phone, I wasn't looking at the steps. I thought I knew them by heart already, I've been climbing up and down the same stairs for 6 years, and I am just trying to make up excuses for my stupidity, lol..

Okay, I was going down the stairs while texting.. Yeah, I slipped and fell! I was with my 3 friends, and they were shocked when they heard me scream and immediately helped me get up! And guess what? They were all laughing like crazy (okay, I was really funny).. I hurt my right foot and knee.. Ouch!

Plus, it seems like my friends can't get over what happened! They are still teasing me about it! Never will I do that again, lesson learned the hard way, lol..
Zaicy made this cutie card for me
A sweet reminder of what happened


My 4 year old niece, Chin-chin, started schooling last Monday! She's been wanting to go to school since she was 2! I used to buy her activity books so she can practice reading and writing. She was so excited and was already dressed by 7am when her classes start at 8am (her school is 5mins away from home!). 

After an hour and a half, she went back home and said, "Tita, I'll show you something!". She got a star stamped on her hand! She was so happy, she got her first star in her first day of school! I am just so proud of my malditang pamangkin, haha!
Chin ran into my room and shouted "Tita, school na ko!"
And I said, "Magsuklay ka muna!"

I read a post from a friend way back in college that made me really sad. Her son died of septic shock. I almost cried reading her words. It really broke my heart. How painful is it to see your sweet little angel that you've carried in your womb for 9 months die before your eyes? I just can't imagine how terrible she feels right now. And I know, there's nothing I can say to make her feel any better. All I can do now is pray for her, and her baby.. :(


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Friday, June 22, 2012


Paano ako napadpad sa mundo ng blogging?

Magpapasko last year, festive ang scenario, lahat masaya, lahat excited.. 

Favorite month ko ang december.. Kasi umuuwi dito sa amin sina ate at kuya ko, at yun mga pamangkin ko.. Siyam na pamangkin ko, kaya sobrang gulo sa bahay, sobrang saya lagi..

Pero noon, hindi ako masaya.. Nagkukulong ako sa kwarto, akala nila puro tulog ginagawa ko.. Pero hindi ako nakakatulog, mabuti hindi namamaga yun mata ko kahit walang tigil pag-iyak ko noon.. Pag lumalabas ako ng kwarto, pinipilit kong makipagbiruan at makipag-harutan sa mga bata, pinipilit kong palabasin na masaya rin ako, mahirap yung ganun no..

Ang alam nila, masama pakiramdam ko, nagkasakit kasi ako, bulutong, bad trip lang, sabay sabay na pahirap.. Sobrang stressed na, sobrang panget ko pa..

So anong drama ko? Ano pa, broken hearted. Yung akala kong sa pelikula lang nangyayari, nangyari saken. Saklap much! Haha.. 

Ganito ang summary.. First boyfriend, first love, 7 years in the making, nag-propose ng kasal, pumayag ako, nag-full payment kami sa venue, magpapa-reserve na sa church.. To the highest level ang kasayahan ang lola mo..

Tapos, two days bago mag-pasko, nalaman ko na may ibang girlaloo ang koya mo.. Nadurog ang puso ko, lol! Bumagsak ang happy meter sa zero! Nag-negative pa ata, nabaliw baliw ako.. Hindi ko na iisa-isahin mga kabaliwan ko, kahiya much na na yun..

Super lungkot ko, pakiramdam ko walang nakaka-intindi sa nararamdaman ko.. Pano may maka-relate, e halos lahat ng friends ko in a happy relationship ang status, yung ibang single, hindi rin ako maintindihan..

So ayun, nag-blog ako.. dun ko ibinuhos ang mga emosyon ko, ang mga tanong ko.. Bakit ganun? Mabuti naman akong tao. Marami akong tinanggihan (naks!) dahil sa lalaking minahal ko ng todo, tapos ganun lang mangyayari saken.. Bakeet?? Ganyan ang drama ko noon, haha..

Natapos ng tuluyan ang relasyong iningatan ko ng matagal na panahon 2 days after new year. At nag-decide na rin ako na i-share sa pamilya ko kung ano ang mga pinagdadaanan ko..

At siyempre, andyan din si God na super love ako at nag-guide saken na mag-move on.. In fairness, siya yun pinaka-kinapitan ko ng time na yun, and I made the right choice.. Kaya stay positive ako..

Nun medyo okay na ako, nasawa na ko sa pagpo-post ng ka-emohan, naisipan kong gumawa ng bagong blog.. eto yun, so second blog ko na to.. In fairness, may pumatol, may nagbasa, hahaha..

Ayun lang, so now you know..

"Learn to love. Learn to forgive. Learn to forget. And Learn to live.”

**Bumalik saken ang mga alalala na yan dahil sa isang bagong kaibigan na blogger na nakakwentuhan ko about lovelife kahapon.. Wag kang assuming, hindi na ako bitter  :)

**Dedicated din sa mga tunay na kaibigan ko na hindi ako pinabayaan nun time na yan :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chocolate Love!

Warning: Best for my lovely lady readers, 2 lang ata sila, lol!

Yeah, I love chocolates! Especially the dark bittersweet ones, and those with all sorts of nuts in them! No to white chocolates or those with raisins!

But this isn't about the usual edible chocolates that I love, but these new chocolate-inspired products that I just can't resist!

First, Etude House' Milk Talk Choco Body Wash (PhP298)! I use this on days when I'm feeling a little gloomy or lazy to go to work. You know how chocolates releases endorphins, those  happy hormones? Yes, even just the sweet scent of this energizes me and relieves my stress! 

By the way, I also have Milk Talk Steam Milk Body Wash. It was a birthday gift from my bestfriend Zaicy. Thanks Bff! I love the scent too, makes me feel like I'm a baby again, haha!

Second, Lory's Hair Cream Duo Chocolate! I bought three 1kg bottles of this at a discounted price in Ensogo (PhP550). I was so surprised when these were delivered, they are really big!

And the scent is awesome too! Again, it brings me a happy mood! I use this as an everyday conditioner. It smells real sweet while your hair is still wet, but the scent fades as your hair dries out! You wouldn't want bees swarming around your head while walking outside, right?

I've been using this for three weeks and the effects are real good.. I was not gifted with naturally straight hair, so I had my hair rebonded. And whenever insanity strikes me, I'll curl my hair for a day. Just imagine the damage I'm doing to my locks, haha! Anyways, Lory's makes my hair really soft and shiny again.

Lastly, Strip It! Hair Removal Chocolate Sugar Wax Kit! The kit includes 100g Chocolate Sugaring, a pack of cloth strips, an applicator and instruction sheet. I got 2 kits for PhP110 each plus PhP70 shipping.

This one isn't sweet, it smells nothing at all. Cacao extracts were added for the extra moisturizing effect! 

What really amazed me about this is that it isn't as painful as my usual waxing product (I used to use Glam Works' Body Wax Strip from Watson's). Actually, it wasn't painful at all but was really effective in doing its job.

That's it! Just sharing.. No, I won't post before and after pictures as proof, try them yourselves, lol!

Now, I'm craving for real chocolates, urgh!

Much love!

*Want more info about these products?Click here ETUDE HOUSE, LORY'S HAIR CREAM & STRIP IT!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

EB + Food Trip

Quick Post:   Yesterday, my bestfriend Zaicy and I met up with a fellow blogger (slash photographer), Empi of KolMeEmpi.. It was just a simple lunch date!

We had these for dessert! They're delicious.. I wish I could have eaten more but cough and sore throat stopped me! Haist! :(

Mini Donuts from J.Co .. Yummy!
It was fun chatting with a new found friend.. Please drop by Zaicy's blog (click here) for the aliw story!

Hope to meet more of my other blogger friends/idols!

Smile! :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure!

Last May 27, a day before my birthday, me and my ELF buddies had a trip in Subic - Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure!

I slept around 10 pm the night before and was awake a few minutes after 12mn! Excited Much! Anxious that I won't wake up in time, I didn't force myself to go back to bed! I met up with Stacy and then off we went to Cubao to see the rest of the gang!

We arrived just about in time but got a little lost looking for our meeting place (thanks to the misleading directions of the 2 men we asked). Good thing it's my birthday, otherwise they could have nagged us for being late, lol!

We rode a Nissan Urvan driven by Kuya Edgar! While in the van, I started making tuna sandwiches for snacks! When everyone got tired from eating and chatting around, they slept. But I stayed awake, I love to daydream while watching the road, haha! We arrived in Subic 2 hours later.

Ella, Rio, Me and Zaicy
Our first stop is in Zoobic Safari! They have this really nice back draft perfect for photo-ops! :)
Of course, since it's a zoo, we came across different animals in Bird Thrill, Zoobic Farm, Serpentarium and Croco Loco!

First time I saw an otter, white tigers and camels
I'm afraid of snakes and I don't like crocodiles neither!
Tram: The Official Ride Across Safari
Safari Souvenir Shop!
Official Models of Bone&Skin Museum! Kami na! haha!
The highlights of the Safari trip were the Animal Show and the Tiger Safari Ride! I had a special participation in the animal show (thanks to my ever dearest friends who "voluntold" me!) wherein I was forced to dance (in the tune of teach me how to dougie!) and got a kiss on the lips from the trained cockatoo!
Oh well, I'm happy to have the close encounter with the cockatoo and not with this huge snake!
The Tiger Safari Ride was awesome too! But actually, I felt a bit sad during the ride, my thoughts were.. are they starving the tigers so they would approach the ride and participate in the "eating show"? Yet it was still amazing to see those huge lovely creatures up close..
We had a quick lunch after the Safari Tour, then we went to our next destination: Ocean Adventure! We arrived around 2.30pm, we missed the first show already! :(
meet the fishes! haha..
So we started with the High Dive Show! Oh, I really loved it! It made me really envy to see how good swimmers they are!
One of the highlights was when one of the audience interrupted the show, saying that his brother can do better than one of the divers! When asked who his brother is, he pointed a man in the crowd who got really surprised! And then he started making jokes (apparently, he's part of the show!) and funny dives! Everyone loved him! He's Jun-jun!
Even 2yr-old Athena loved Jun-jun, she gave him a hug!  #touching
After Jun-jun's appearance, the show was a riot! The divers dressed up like clowns and everytime they hit the water, they intentionally splash water to the crowd using their feet! Everyone was ecstatic, but at the same time trying hard to protect themselves from getting wet! It was fun fun fun! The last 2 dives were shocking though! Bobby jumped from highest point of the plank, and then the other one (forgot his name) wore a black robe, lit himself in fire, waited a few secs before he dived! 
this really is high dive!

Next is the Dolphin Show! I love dolphins! If I own an ocean, I'd pet one, haha! They're very playful! The only thing is were quite far and I had problems seeing those cute dolphins!

Lastly, the Sea Lion Show! Before the show started, a staff approached me and asked if I want to be their lucky guest who gets a chance to go up the stage and get a kiss from the sea lion! Thinking it would be a cute baby sea lion, I agreed! Only to find out it would be the huge, heavily whiskered, big toothed sea lion! I was so afraid that he'd bite me! But surprisingly, his kiss was just.. cold. Not slimy nor gross. The staff asked me if the sea lion's kiss was better than my partner's?! When I said that I don't have a partner, it seemed like he was making fun of me by sticking his tongue out! I was literally laughing my heart out!
Ako na, ako na ang masaya! Haha..
It was already 6pm when the shows ended! We had to go back to Manila. I guess everyone slept on the way home, it was a fun yet tiring day!

But wait, there's more! On the way home, we passed by The Gate, and I made a mistake when I said that I haven't been there and I want to try Pizza Volare, because my boyscout friend just made a u-turn in a flash and before I knew it, I was buying 2 large pizzas for the gang! Yeah, I've been robbed, lol! :)

*Special thanks to Rowie Agustin for most of the photos!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award!

Malungkot ako. Pero di ko sasabihin kung bakit.. Bored din ako. Walang magawa. Hindi naman makakatulog agad kasi nalulungkot nga ako. Kaya nag-stalk na lang ako ng mga blogger na gusto ko, naghanap ng mga bagong ii-stalk, nag-back read ng mga posts.. 

Kaya napansin ko yun award na matagal ng binigay sakin nun bff kong si Zaicy ng SimplyComplicatedZai.. 

Ayan, ang versatile blogger award.. siyempre bukod sa deserving ako para sa award na to (lol!), bias din yan, bestfriend ko nga di ba, e di nagtampo ko pag di ako kasali!

May rules pa pala na kasama yan..

1. Thank the blogger who gave you this award. Don't forget to link his/her blog.
2. Post 7 random things about you.
3. Give the award to 15 other bloggers you love and let them know you gave them this award.

Thank you Zaicy! Not just for the award but for all the good (and the not-so-good) things you did for me!!  Baliw kasi tong friend ko (pareho kami!), lagi nya ako pinagtitripan, pinapahamak paminsan! Partner in crime sa mga kalokohan sa office! Taga-alert pag may gwapo!  Taga-kain ng half rice ko! Tagakuha ng kutsara para sa kape! Taga-sabi ng "ang ganda ganda mo talaga joanne!" pag andyan yung crush ko sa office kahit hiyang hiya na ko! Taga-paalala sakin na everything will be okay pag may problema ako..Thank you Zaicy for always being there for me!

O bonggang pa-thank you na yan ha Zaicy! Love you!

7 Random things? 

-super mahilig ako sa coffee, yung maraming maraming cream pero hindi masyado matamis! Sweet na kasi ako, redundant na pag pati coffee sweet, char! 

-matindi ang galit ko sa mga ipis, lalo na pag nanahimik ako tapos out of nowhere mag-aappear at gagapangan ako.. sisiguraduhin ko ang slow and painful death nya.. pukpok plus spray ng alcohol ang peg ko..

-mahiyain ako (seryoso!haha..) madalas ako mapagkamalan na suplada, pero hindi ako isnabera, shy type lang (paminsan autistic!)

-mababaw kaligayahan ko.. kahit super corny na jokes natatawa ko.. pag birthday ko, kahit bigyan mo lang ako ng papel na may nakasulat ng happy birthday, super happy na ko!

Tulad nito, thank you Zaicy!
-favorite color ko pink.. yun lang..

-hindi ako nakakatulog ng walang kumot.. kahit gaano pa ka-init ang summer dito sa Pilipinas, hindi ako matutulog ng di ko covered ng kumot, take note: from head to foot to!

-takot ako sa mga askal (barkadahan pa naman ng dogs ang nadadaanan ko pauwi samin).. takot kasi ako makagat.. takot din kasi ako magpa-injection ng anti-rabies..masakit yun e!

Give the award to 15 8 other bloggers you love

Dahil love ko kayo, ipasa ko to sa inyo! Dedma na lang kung nagawa nyo na dati! :)

-One of my sisters from ELF, Stacy of Shallow-deep
-Traveller Tal from The Pinay Wanderer
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-Balut from Balut Manila
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The End!