Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bath Time!

Now I know why my brother bugs me about taking too long in the shower! :)

Ang sarap naman kasi maligo lalo na ngayong OA ang init!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Palmera Dimsum House!

Me and my best friends Arnica, Joana, and Lori decided to meet up for a late breakfast. Lori suggested we eat in Palmera Dimsum House because she's been there several times and she said that the food is great!

It was my first time to dine here though, and I was not disappointed! :)

Me and Lori

Joana, Sophie and Rnix

Here are what we had: Chicken Garlic, Beef Broccoli, Pancit Canton Con Lechon, and Yang Chow Rice!

The food is really affordable so it's all worth it! Short order for the chicken (serving: 8 pcs) and the beef is only P150 and the generous serving of pancit is only P70! And the Yang Chow Rice which is good for 2 persons is P60 (I forgot to take a picture, too excited to eat!).

Garlic Chicken
Beef Broccoli

Pancit Canton Con Lechon

What I love most is the Garlic Chicken! It was very crispy and also has a separate dip (somehow sweet) which I think is made from oyster sauce. Everything's delicious though!

They also have dumplings and spring rolls (my favorites!). And there are still a variety of dishes made of pork and seafood and veggies. So definitely, I'll be back to try those! :)

Click here to see more of Palmera Dimsum's menu!

Palmera Dimsum House 
57 Rizal Ave. Taytay, Rizal  
401-5695 / 385-8025

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Sweet Tooth!

I love cakes and I love coffee too so when I saw the ad about the unli cakes and coffee at Secret Recipe, how can I say no?! ;)

I went to Shangri-La Mall with bffs Sasa and Zaicy. It's weird but I'm kind of nervous when we got there, haha! Or maybe, I'm just excited!

I ordered their brewed coffee versus the jasmine tea! The coffee's good! I tried the tea once and hated it, I just can't get myself to like something that tastes like sampaguita extract, eeww!

I got to eat 5 slices of cake out of the seven choices. Not bad! I have to admit though that those I cannot finish, I gave to Zaicy! :p

Here are the cakes...

This one's my most favorite. I like that the chiffon is soft and moist (you know it's not stale just because it's on sale, haha!). And I like the icing too, the mild taste of coffee and light sweetness of cream.. yummy!

Almond Coffee Cake

I wasn't able to try this. I'm not a fan of strawberries so I didn't put it in my priority list, only to find out later that it's no longer available. :(  But I bet this one's good too, Sasa and Zaicy liked it!

White Strawberry Cake

Black Forest Cakes are not my favorite! I don't like the weird combination of cherries and wine. Yet, I still ordered this and after a mouthful, gave the rest to Zaicy! (Good thing, it's his favorite!)

Black Forest Cake

I didn't like this one neither. Something in it makes it hard to swallow!!

Mocha Walnut Cake

I think this one's the least favorite of everyone! I personally did not order it but I got a piece from Zaicy's slice. I can't describe it, really weird, nutty and salty at the same time? Aren't cakes supposed to be sweet??

Golden Nugget Cake

I like this one too. Just like those cakes you can order from red ribbon. Nothing special but I guess I really love chocolate and mocha!

Cocoa Mocha Cake

And surely enough, I loved this one too! Thick and smooth chocolate on top of moist chiffon plus caramel in the middle! If I wasn't that full, I'd order one more!

Moist Chocolate Cake

Overall, it was a pleasant experience! Secret Recipe has a nice and clean and cool place, the staff were friendly enough and the cakes are delicious! It seems that they are serving half of the cake's usual slice, which I think is ideal so you get to have more space in your tummy and more flavors to indulge with! :)

A friend actually wants to try this again but I guess the promo's no longer available. Maybe we can try the unli cakes and coffee of The Coffee Beanery? :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Lucky Day!

It was Friday the 13th! It's shopping day! I went to Megamall to meet up with bestfriend Zaizai! Lori and her baby Sophie came with us too! Lori filed for BTO (BonusTimeOut) para lang makasama sa shopping spree! :)

We were supposed to buy shoes and pants at Forever21 pero hindi meant to be (walang sizes na kasya!). We were destined for something better! :p 

We strolled for 3 hours! Zaicy got 5 pairs of shoes! I fought myself hard not to buy a new pair of shoes but I lost the battle! haha! 

I also got a pair of jeans, shades, and the super deliciously scented body wash from Etude House. Lori got Sophie her swimsuit too!

Zaicy's shoes
From People are People
On sale! PhP500 per pair! :)
Mine.. From Cinderella!
Super love the smell!
We then ate in KFC while waiting for Stacy. Seemed like Stacy and Zaicy have known each other for years kahit first time nila magkita personally!

Me and Stacy
After eating, we went hunting ulet for good buys until we felt like we can't walk anymore and decided to go home! 

At siyempre, ang winner sa dami ng pinamili at sumira ng record ko ng pinakamaraming shoes bought in 1 day... Zaicy!!! :p

Ansabe?! :)