Friday, November 30, 2012

Zipline at Davao!

When I created my 30before30 list, Davao's zipline was then the longest zipline in Asia (or so I thought!). Now a few months later, it is just on the third spot. But I didn't care, it was included in my list and I had the chance to scratch it off on our last day in Davao.

There are two ziplines in Outland Adventure. Though it wasn't the longest anymore,  the Xcelerator zipline is now considered the fastest in Asia.. 700m in less than 30s! And the Repentor zipline boasts off its scream factor at 400ft above sea level. 

Wearing my safety harness :)

I've no fear with heights so there wasn't any "scream factor" for me at all. But I liked that it was fast, felt like flying at Darna speed.. :)

Here's a video taken by Dimples (she's my original "babes") as I take my first zip..

And here's the video I took..

For the second zipline, I opted the superman style!

**Click here for the complete sequel of our Davao Trip! :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

All I Want for Christmas!

Last Christmas, I was overwhelmed sa mga na-receive kong gifts.. They weren't anything fancy but they made me smile kahit na "aning mode" ako nun time na yun.. Most of them were delivered pa by my bff Zaicy because I was sick then at hindi ako nakakapasok sa office..

Some of the gifts I got last year :)

For this year, dahil sa tag ni Marge of Coffeehan sa kanyang fun post, gumawa ako ng sarili kong wish list! Believe it or not, it was hard coming up with a list.. Never kasi ako nag-expect ng gifts.. Nasanay na ko sa role bilang Santa Claus tuwing pasko, chos! Anyways, simple lang naman ang wishes ko so I'm looking forward sa katuparan ng mga to, hihi! 

1. Christmas Cards - Yup, gusto kong nakakareceive ng cards or handwritten letters! So kung on a budget ka, kahit hand made card lang basta sabihin mong ang ganda ganda ko, perfect gift na yan.. charot! Bawal nga pala mag-sinungaling kasi magpa-Pasko :)

Anyways, I received this post card from Archieviner
Super excited ako nun sinabi ni mama na may "sulat galing ibang bansa".. 
I knew it was from New Caledonia!
Thanks a lot again, Arvin!

2. Chocolates - M&M's Peanuts, Cadbury Hazelnut, Toblerone Dark, Hersheys Kisses and Ferrero Rocher ang mga favorites ko.. Pero kahit isang box ng goya dark chocolates, magiging happy rin ako, promise!


3. Cutesy Pillows - I can never have enough pillows!

Cute nila no?

4 . Flat shoes - I'm not aiming for the expensive brands.. Keri ko na yun Solemate shoes from SM na merong 2 for PhP399 or if you're from Laguna, madami magagandang shoes sa Liliw!! And I'm size 6 or 36.. Last year, para sa exchange gifts, shoes din nasa wishlist ko pero kahit sinabi ko na size 6, size 8 pareho yun binigay saken, batet ganun? haha.. Anyways, naging happy naman ang pamangkin kong si Ate Jarie kasi sa kanya napunta yun shoes :)

Part of my "flat shoes" collection.. more here.

5. 1TB External HDD - Okay, I'm not expecting anyone to give me this.. Regalo ko na lang sa sarili ko! Pero kung may mabuting pusong magbibigay e why not, lol! Need to back-up my files (esp. my photos) dahil ayokong pagsisihan kung sakaling for whatever reason e mabura sila sa laptop ko!

Pink para terno sa laptop ko :)

6. Nikon J1 Baby Pink Camera! I saw this in a Robinsons Appliance brochure and I instantly fell in love with it. Gusto ko tong gift sa sarili ko (ulet!) pero not now.. Reasonable naman ang price at almost PhP17000 kaya lang mas priority ko muna ang pagpapa-lasik ek ek ng eyes ko this January sana *cross fingers*

Ganda, di ba?

The tag came with these simple rules:

1. Kindly use the same title and as well as the first second photo that I put here (that blurry picture of a Christmas tree above) in your post.

2. List 6 things that you want to receive for Christmas.

3. Tag 6 of your friends to make the same post (no tag backs).

4. Send me the link so I could check it out too.

So I am tagging...

Balut of Balut Manila
Mhie of Travelentz
Jon of JonDmur

For those na hindi ko na-tag, you may also share your wish lists just for fun! :)

Ciao! Mwah!


**Photos (chocolates, pillows, hdd and j1 cam) are all from Google Images!!! Thanks sa respective owners.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Huling Attack - Davao Day 4

Last day in the bustling city of Davao so we started our day with a blast.. Zipline!! We went to Outland Adventure and registered for the dual zipline for PhP500. 

At the Observation Deck!
We then signed our waivers and the assistant helped us wear our safety harness and helmet. We rode the van to the start off point of the first zipline.

All geared up!
While waiting for our turn

Carlo went first. I know he's experienced several ziplines before yet he was screaming like crazy and I can't help but laugh!

Zaicy was second. I got so worried for him, I thought he'd have a heart attack! He was so scared. I know he was thinking of backing out.. But he didn't and I am so proud!

All smiles! Kahit parang hihimatayin nun umpisa

I was third. When I reached the end, this Kuya had to pull me towards the ladder.. and it was painful! I was threatening him that I'd seek revenge when I get down, lol!

Si Kuyang Sadista!

Dimples and Deo were the last two. We then walked to the next station for the second zipline.

Carlo, Dimples and me shifted to the superman style! The two highblood peeps decided to stay on the sitting position though.

Papa Deo
Ang sweet ni Zaicy oh!
Picture perfect smile by Carlo
Wagas makabukaka si Dimples, lol

Wondering why my pics are not there? Because they're reserved for my next post, another one down on my 30before30 list, yey!

We left Outland Adventure and headed to NCCC Mall in search of the famous pastel bread. Then went to SM Lanang for quick lunch at Tokyo Tokyo!

Pic from google - product of Camiguin pala to
Beef Misono Bento and Miso Soup!

After lunch, we went to Aldevinco to buy some souvenirs and pasalubong. They also bought some pomelo and mangosteen but I didn't because I hate having to carry all the those heavy boxes to the airport and back home.

Bought some pashmina and paper wallets

Back to Auntie's house, we had our early dinner and then took some shots of the house and the van that served as our service for the entire trip.

Auntie's house
Our room; magkatabi yun 2 sa double bed, solo ko yun isa :)
I call this a van, di ko sure kung anong klaseng sasakyan e, hehe

Just before I end this post, I also want to share how I got fond of the color coded taxis in Davao.

There was also this white cab that was labeled "Kaputian". Plus, they have these black taxis where you can pay via your ATM or debit cards - a first in our country!

Pic from google

So there.. Thanks for reading the full sequel of our Davao trip. Abangan nyo na din ang zipline post ko, I'm just waiting for some videos to be uploaded at promise last na yun!

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Eden Park, Croc Park at iba park - Davao Day 3

It's our third day in Davao! We had longganisa for breakfast, and I'm not sure if it was market bought or homemade by Auntie but I can say that it was one of the best tasting longganisa I've had. Anyways, we left after the sumptuous meal and headed to Eden Nature Park. From city proper, it took roughly an hour to get there.

Entrance fee is PhP200 inclusive of plated snacks (if you want their lunch buffet, it would be PhP470). And we also availed the guided tour of PhP120. The gays thought that Kuya TourGuide resembled my ex-jowa, so he was given the nickname Jifjif. Lol.

So here's Zaicy, Jifjif and me :)
So we rode the tram and went thru with the tour around the park. Nice to know that the "forest" is 95% man-made.. and as Kuya put it, "Man can work with nature to create something beautiful". Nice thought, no?

Our first stop is the Rainbow Park..

Saw this beautiful flower..
And this weird looking Mickey Mouse Fruit!

Our next stop is the Tinubdan which means origin or source. The owner had this made as tribute to the original settlers of the mountain where the park is located.

With Cutie TJ
Touch ni Zai pwet-pwet ni Bagani.. Manyak much! :p
Pictures kasama ang mga batang nabubuhay pag gabi.. chos!

And our last stop is at Lola's Garden.. 

Si Lola Aw at ang kalabaw!
Ni-harana ako ni Zaicy! Pinahabol ko siya ng itak kay itay! Chos!
Siyempre hindi nawawala ang jumpshots!

We enjoyed the tour that lasted for almost an hour. We then walked to Eden Sports Field.

Andame kuto ni TJ.. eeeww!
Parang si crush.. malaki ang arms! ;)

This is my favorite place in Eden Park! So calm and relaxing.. We stayed here for a while and had our lunch.

The skies are for you, Mommy Joy!
For lunch - spaghetti, toast and yummy macaroons

And TJ went horseback riding.. So given na inggitera kami ni Zaicy, we also tried it. We both got nervous and got off after the first round though, lol.

Nag-enjoy ang bata!
Another first for me!
Isa lang yun guide, lagi pa si Zaicy ina-assist.. hmp!

And then we tried Indiana Jones! It's hard to explain how it works so just watch Zaicy's short video. I had so much fun with it and just watching the video makes me laugh again. Or maybe, Zaicy's laugh was just contagious, lol.

Starting position; slight kabado

After our adventure in Eden Park, we then went to the highly recommended and controversial.. Statue of David!

Another one for Mommy Joy! Parang heart di ba? :)
A term I got from Lili - Na-cock-kaloka! BTW, I miss you Lili! :)
Nagtago sa ilalim ng puno..

Now I don't know if it's the sun or David, but it was scorching hot that time. So we left few minutes later and went to Davao Crocodile Park! Entrance Fee is PhP150.

We walked around and saw other animals aside from crocodiles.It rained while we were there and thought that the show won't push thru anymore. Good thing we waited a little a more and had fun watching the Bird Show and Friendly Animal Encounter.

Pictures habang naghintay ng show!
Fed some crocodiles!
Kuya feeding the crocs inside; sobrang takot ko na baka madulas siya - praning lang ako
Meet Pangil, bestfriend ni Carlo - pinaliguan siya ng wala sa oras! :)

After the show, we went to SM Lanang to stroll a little and then had dinner at the newly opened Max's restaurant.

We ended the night with coffee in the coffee shop across Auntie's house! :D

Please stay tuned for our finale day in Davao! Mwah! ♥

Eden Nature Park
Davao Crocodile Park