Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I want icecream!

I was soo frustrated with someone earlier today, I almost cried. I just hate it kapag nakikipag-usap ka naman ng maayos tas wala kang makuhang maayos na response. I was already upset then sasagutin ka pa ng implied threat. Na I don't think I even deserve. It's nothing serious, just some work related shit stuff na ikina-stress ko ng bongga..

Good thing, I got something in the mail that made me smile. Segue queen? Lol. Thank you Mommy Joy for this card. You're so so sweet. I wonder kung saan naligaw yun first card pero sana dumating pa din siya.

I love the pink roses.. Thanks, Mommy Joy!
Thank you.. I wish you all the same!

Just when I needed a hug, this came.. I appreciate it so much. You are heaven sent, Mommy Joy! Mwah.

Thank you din kay bff Zaicy dahil meron akong dark chocolates to the rescue. He gave it last Valentine's Day. Oh di ba, ang thoughtful? Ang swerte ng susunod na mamahalin ng bff ko!

Oh ansabe nyo sa Hello Kitty sticker ni Zaicy! Haha.

I love the chocolates. More on the bitter than the sweet side, just how I want it. Yun lang, napalingon lang ako e naubos na ni Chin. Ambilis!

And here's another post-Valentine's gift I got from a blogger friend, Marge of Coffeehan and Piso Fashion. She gave it to me last night sa aming first EB.. Thanks Marge!

I pray that your wish would come true!! Hihi..

Speaking of EB..

Zaicy, Arline and me met up with Marge and Rhoda of Scarlet Schmarlet yesterday. Meeting place was at Ayala Triangle at 5pm. Pero dahil excited kami ni Zaicy at wala ang expected na traffic, 4pm pa lang e nasa Ayala Museum na kami.

Nakakahiyang magpa-picture. Everyone was looking at me with a "Duh, So probinsiya?!" look on their faces. Pero dahil first time ko to, dedma!

Since it was early pa, nakapaglibot pa kami ni bff Zaicy sa Glorietta 5. At may nakita kaming kuyang gwapo. He looked so cute with his gray coat over a plain white shirt outfit. Akala namin ni Zaicy e korean siya, pero nun dumaan ulet kami para magpa-pansin, we overheard him na nag-tagalog. Dahil may time pa at baliw kaming dalawa, tumambay talaga kami kung san andun si kuya. Siyempre investigate muna kami kung straight ba or gay para alam namin kung sinong may chance no! At wagi ako. Lalaki e. Haha, kaso it's time to go na. Sayangs! I hate goodbyes. Charot.

Anyways, we went to 8065 Coffeeshop. It's a small cafe and it's easy to tell that whoever owns the place is a child at heart.

The location, hours and contact info
Toy collection and some art stuff

We had bagnet for dinner. There are a few varieties of bagnet - in spicy gata, binagoongan, kare-kare, etc. We also shared a plate of pesto pasta.

My order - Original Bagnet with yummy mangga't bagoong
Pesto Pasta with cheese and some nuts

For dessert, Zaicy and I shared a slice of this sinfully good Chocolate Campfire Cake over a cup of coffee.

This is worth coming back! Seriously..

Enough of gluttony.. It was fun to see these two beautiful girls. Marge was totally hot in her mini skirt and high-heeled boots. She's pretty sa picture but a lot prettier in person. Mukhang doll. Pero nagulat ako sa voice nya. Ang high pitched, haha. Si Rhoda naman ay na-meet ko na before sa aming La Union trip. She's my bestfriend's friend who happened to be Marge's officemate. Small world no?!

Rhoda, Me and Marge

They're both very nice and friendly. And what I love most about this EB e since all girls kami, we can talk about anything. Even about boys.

Bitin ang chikahan moment naten. I hope maituloy naten ang bonding sa PBO Bazaar this Feb 24th. Segue ulet. Haha.

Everyone is invited to support the first Bazaar for a Cause of PBO. Let's share some lovin' before the love month ends..

P.S. Wala ko maisip na title e. Basta gusto ko ng icecream.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Our first day in Siargao was full of unexpected events. Delay in Flight. Tsunami Alert. A chase after a different boat when we were left by the one we were supposed to take. I was already thinking that someone in the group has some kind of jinx or something?! Chos.

From Manila, it took us almost a two hour plane ride to Butuan and another two hour van ride to Surigao City. Then a three hour boat ride to Sta. Monica port plus more than an hour habal-habal (motorcycle) ride to General Luna. 

Clouds never fail to amaze me!
Inagawan ng pwesto ang mga crew ng bangka!

Zaicy and I enjoyed the habal-habal ride the most! We chit-chatted non-stop, sang and laughed like crazy. 

With our Kuyang Driver!
We were delighted even more to see a rainbow!

We arrived in JadeStar Lodge around 6pm and were welcomed by the nice owner Ms. Anita. We could have looked famished for she immediately offered dinner. We were served with grilled chicken and rice that we finished in no time. Hashtag? Patay-gutom!

Our room - PhP1500 per night good for 5 pax (model not included)

After dinner, I took a bath and slept. I didn't know what the others were doing still, I was so tired to even care, lol. Zaicy and I woke up at 2am to prepare the mini-birthday surprise for the two celebrants, Empi and Arvin.

Happy Birthday ulet! Mwaah!

By 6am, we were all prepped up and already had coffee for breakfast. It was raining though and I was so worried that we can't push thru with the island hopping. I was glad when we still did. But a few minutes later, our boat suddenly stopped in the mid-sea for some engine problems. And again, it was raining and the waves were getting bigger and water was rushing inside the boat. Sino ba kasi talaga may balat sa pwet? Umamin! Haha. Seriously, I was afraid and I prayed several times for God to calm the sea. And He did. 

And soon enough the motor was fixed and we continued with the two hour ride to Bucas Grande Island. Sis Arline did a fascinating intermission number - a one of a kind talent - that made us all laugh out loud. Clue: Ito ang sole source niya ng kilig bago dumating si bestman sa buhay niya. Haha!

Anyways, we reached the Bucas Grande Island and didn't waste any more time and went directly to the stingless jellyfish lake after registration at the tourism desk.

The Tourism Desk Area
Environmental Fee: P50 for local / P150 for foreign
Rentals of helmet and lifevest: P40 each
Docking Fee: P100 per boat
PumpBoat: P500
Boat Guides: P165 per guide
Paddlers: P100 each
We rode a small paddle boat going to the lake. Tourists are no longer allowed to swim with the jellyfish. Kuya Eddie, our tourguide, said that the sunblock and other lotions or creams worn by tourists can harm the jellies.

This experience alone made this whole trip worth it for me!
The Famous Stingless Jellyfish!

After our encounter with the jellies, we then transfered to the pumpboat to get to Sohoton Cove. 

Entrance to the Cove
The Horseshoe - used as guide so the boatmen won't lose their way in the cove

We first explored the Hagukan Cave. Haguk from the bisaya word that means "snore". They said that during high tides, the cave produces a sound similar to a snore.

Do you see the snake-shaped stalactite? I don't! Lol.

Next, we entered the Mangkukuob Cave. I don't know what Mangkukuob means so don't ask. Sunget?

Explore a cave - another one down from my 30before30 list!

We had to climb up to the exit on the other side of the cave. And came upon this platform outside where you are required to jump to the waters.

Arvin, Zaicy and Empi were the ones to dive first. Now, I thought it would be an easy task but when I saw how deep the water was, I couldn't jump. It was the first time I felt so much fear that I almost burst into tears. So did I jump? No, I didn't!! This tourguide in green shorts pushed me into the waters. And I hated him so much and wanted to bury him alive! Just kidding. Because I really needed that push or I could have stayed all day long in that platform. So thank you, Kuya! Haha.

We then went back to the Tourism Area. Ms. Anita prepared our packed lunch - Chicken Abodo and Yellowfin Tuna Sinugba. We all ate to our heart's content - the reason why we had bulges in our tummies in some photos, haha!

We left Bucas Grande Island to proceed with our island hopping. Our first stop was at Naked Island. My favorite! Though it was scorching hot, I just love how bare the island is. And the sand is comparable to that of Boracay's.

Naked Island

Next was the Daco Island which is the biggest of the three islets, thus the name. It's a lot cooler here than in Naked Island but the white sand is also as fine as it can get.

Daco Island

Lastly, the Guyam Island. An officemate told me that Guyam is "ant" in Bicol. So I thought that it may have been called Guyam since it seems to me that it's the smallest amongst the three islands. But that's just an assumption. It may mean differently in Bisaya.

Guyam Island

By the way, we had some photo-shoots in the islands as directed by Zaicy. Poses we copied from Metro Magazine's January issue. See the complete set of pictures here.

Sneak Preview!
My Fav Shot! Pang-trash photography (I mean "litter"ally!)

It was already past 4pm when he headed back to the resort. Just a few minutes and we're off to Cloud 9 for surfing!

The Boardwalk
Surfing lessons are P500 per hour inclusive of equipment rental. Zaicy and Empi were surfing like pros! I just didn't know where they are getting their energy. Naka-enervon? I was already exhausted and all I wanted to do was lie down on my surfboard and watch them, lol. I still managed to stand a few times though. 

It was already dark when we finished surfing. We then went to Ronaldo's Restobar to have dinner and went back to the lodge after. I took a bath, settled our bill for the resort, packed my things and finally was able to doze off. 

Woke up at 2am the next morning. Left the resort at 3:30am to get to the boat at Dapa Port that left at 5:30am. It was a few minutes before 8am when we reached Surigao City. We passed by a church to say our thanks and then went to Gaisano Mall to meet Empi's mom and niece. And Lala and Baste were there too. You just got to love Lala for her endless stories! I did.

Blogger's EB at Surigao City.. lume-level up!
At the Butuan Airport

Our flight back to Manila was on time. Though there was this man who made a scene at the plane which caused a minute of delay. Good thing, CebPac staff knows how to deal with troublemakers. We landed at the airport around 5pm. I got home at 8pm and the first thing I did was lie down on our sofa! I was obviously missed by my two pamangkins who immediately hugged me.. and asked for pasalubong, haha.

This was the first trip I had where half of our time were spent on the road. Ka-haggard!  But Siargao really is worth all the pain in the butt, my two-tone darker skin and the bruises in my knees.