Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's more fun in Baguio City!

Believe it or not, I'm 25 and it's my first time to go to Baguio! After all the numerous unsuccessful plans, I finally stepped foot on the country's summer capital! Yey!

We took the Victory Liner Bus, departed at exactly 12mn, and arrived in the terminal by 5:30am. 

15 min stop over in never ending Tarlac!
Finally, at Victory Liner Terminal :)

It was pretty early when we arrived and we had to look for a resto that's already opened by that time. 


We were going to stay here for 3 days and 2 nights so we had to buy food for our breakfast and dinner. 

Stopover at the i-dont-know-the-name park!

We had to split jobs, four beautiful girls stayed to watch over our stuff and the two boys and the other hottie went to the market!

Super relax!
Me and my luggage!
Major in.. Marketing! ;p

Then we went to our super nice and colorful transient home. Very affordable @ PhP5000 for our 3 days stay, fully furnished, 2 rooms with 2 beds each, dining and sala and a clean CR (equipped with hot/cold shower, ofcourse!)

Busy with kitchen work!
Busy taking pics!

Time for the Day 1 Tour! We rented an fx taxi to serve as our service. It is definitely worth it and recommended to rent; convenient and time saver! (PhP2000 for 8hrs)

Super bait Kuya Ferdinand! Driver and Tour Guide!

At the Memorial Marker in Kennon Road
Lion's Club of Baguio

In Baguio, we were offered strawberry taho everywhere we go! I didn't like it though, it's too watery! Is it because of the weather or the altitude? ;p

Official Strawberry Taho Model!

Next stop.. PMA! They say there's a lot of handsome military guys there, but I didn't notice anyone! There were less (should I call them) soldiers than I expected!

In front of the PMA building
Sun dial.. it's 11am!
Are they not allowed to smile?
It's super super fun! Yeah!

Then, we went to Camp John Hay! We were surprised to know that they do have their own Tree Top Adventure!

In full battle gear, haha!

I wanted to try something a-bit-extreme but some of us are afraid of heights, so we ended up with the Canopy Ride. It's an almost 30-min ride around the vast area of tree top adventure, a nice way to savor nature!

nervous guys??
Super nice!
Kunwari model!
We had fun!

Late lunch at Cora's Restaurant in Mines View Park. There's nothing special with the food.

Gutom na!
Chopsuey, Bulalo and Crispy Pata!

Pasalubong shopping and more pictorial in Mines View Park! It was raining though so we had to leave and just went to Good Shepherds to buy their most famous Ube Jam!

fun fun fun in the rain!
Ofcourse, we won't miss the igorot costume!

We went home, wanted to rest but got excited and decided to go to SM Baguio!

Photo ops while waiting
Box office sa SM!
Shorts in SM Baguio?? Epic Fail!

Day 2! Good morning Baguio!! When I woke up I found out that they had a slumber party and I missed the fun! But I had a goodnight sleep, so no regrets! :)

Breakfast: Hotsilog!
Ready in no time!

We went back to Mines View Park for more pics, then to The Mansion and Botanical Garden!

Awesome view!
Korean mode!
Back to more fun look!

Kulitan mode!
Revised more fun look :p

Had to temporarily stop the gala to pick-up another friend who just arrived in Victory Liner Bus Terminal! Then off for quick lunch!

Lechon Cebu Liempo @ Chickboy!

Next stop was at the Chinese Temple but had to leave immediately because of the rain (blessings!). So then we went to Strawberry farm to buy fresh strawberries (what else?) and eat strawberry flavored icecream! Stay away strawberry taho, please! :)

Successful jumpshot!

Strawberry Icecream at Strawberry Farm!

Our next destination was the Tam-Awan Village! There's a PhP50 entrance fee and we were so lucky we arrived just in time for their Cultural Show held every Saturday at 2pm! It was nice to see those kids showcasing their culture and talent! And oh, I just love the courtship dance! :)

It was a bit tiring climbing thru the Tam-Awan Village, so we were exhausted by the thought that we will climb the 200+ stairs of Lourdes Grotto! But to our surprise, we got to the top in no time!

Before heading home, we dropped by at Starbucks in Camp John Hay for our favorite Frappuccino! It was hot when we came in but it got pretty cold after, and we were drinking iced coffee.. another epic fail!

Dark Mocha favorite!

Time to go home! Rested for a while, then cooked and ate dinner! It's the last night in Baguio, of course, we can't miss bar hopping! We chose Cafe Will because it's not too crowded nor too noisy.

Freezing cold night again!

We drank soju, and I swear I won't drink that again! We read somewhere that it is sweet, but for me it tastes like isopropyl alcohol! And it made me tipsy, which made my friends happy! haha!

Day 3 in Baguio! We were able to visit Baguio Cathedral and had a walk in Burnham Park too. I didn't have pics anymore, I consumed the 2GB memory of my cam already and I can't decide which to erase yet so we settled with our mobile phone's cam! We left Baguio by 1pm via Victory Liner and were back to Manila by 8pm.

Super enjoyed my first time in Baguio!! Looking forward to future adventures with my super bestfriends! :)

It's more fun in Baguio!


  1. Pwede po malaman kung saan yung transient home and contact number nila, salamat :)

  2. Hi!

    VIP Transient House, located at Happy Homes Subdivision.

    Welcome :)

  3. It was really a great fun staying in the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

  4. Hi there i already miss baguio and its sweet strawberry. Thanks for your pictures and comment, i reminisce all the beautiful memories that we have with my girlfriend. Check this out for more beafutiful memories in Baguio

    thanks for posting some pictures ...

  5. hi there, can i get the number of kuya ferdinand...we will be going there with my family and we need someone na mabait to tour us at a very affordable transportation. thanks po.

  6. Hi, I'm a blogger based in Baguio and your caption "Shorts at SM Baguio. Epic Fail"really caught my attention. I was wondering if you didn't feel cold "that night"with your shorts on. Hahaha! By the way, nice blog of yours! :)

  7. This is one of the many reasons why I love the City. I hope I can find the perfect Baguio condo for me.