Friday, May 25, 2012

Sunglasses Giveaways!

Sunglasses have always been part of my lifestyle! Number 1:  Since I need to wear contact lenses for my +375/+350 eye grade, I need extra eye protection from the sun and the wind whenever I commute. Number 2: I work in a call center, I go to work at night and get out in the morning when my eyes are really tired so I easily get dizzy from the sun's glare! Number 3: I'm a beach lover, there's no need for extra explanation as to why I need the sunglasses there, lol!

Fortunately, I saw this post about the world’s most popular online eyeglass store,! They, together with Balut Manila and Run! and Keep on Runnin are giving away 10 Sunglasses as Giveaways! 

I viewed Firmoo's website and I so love those Stylish Prescription Sunglasses! I used to own one but it got lost in one of my swimming escapes! Sad! I particularly like the Women’s full frame wrap around plastic sunglasses #OTO2503! Simple yet elegant!

"May the best eyes win!", said Balut in her post! Do my eyes (minus the eyebags that I collected from 6 years of working the graveyard shift, lol!) got what it takes to win? Haha..

I got this invite from wonderful blog Balut Manila to join this fun and exciting contest! Thank you!

Much Love! :)

**For more details, click here!


  1. bet ko 'to.. pero s laki ng mata ko plus laki ng eyebags ko... hahahahaha... nganga!

    1. Hahaha, loka loka ka talaga frend.. start blogging na rin kasi.. :)

    2. Saka hindi yun literal na best eyes yun mananalo, in-arte ko lang yan! hahaha...

  2. Hello Joanne!
    THANKS for joining my giveaway, I really wish that you win so you can replace the lost one ;) Be sure to complete the other tasks (Facebook Likes & Twitter Follow) so you can add points to your entry.

    And I see you added me in your blog roll, BIG THANKS. I will add you to mine later when I'm done with my other morning mess so check it out :) Again, THANKS and GOOD LUCK.

    P.S. sige pilitin mo na mag blog si "Loaan" ha ha

    1. I posted it in facebook already @! But I don't have a twitter account! :(

      Thanks a bunch! I'll let Loanne know! :)

  3. ako meron din, pero ginagamit ko lang pag sumasakit ang ulo ko :( sana manalo ka joanne!

  4. Hi Joanne,
    THANKS for joining our giveaway :) Good luck!