Saturday, May 5, 2012

My fun-filled restday!

Last Thursday, I met with a long lost friend. We haven't seen each other for almost 6 years despite the fact that we were very close during college days!

Quick Story of how I came across him again: I was chatting with a friend in FB and we were reminiscing college life, when I remember how close I was to this guy whom I cannot remember the name. Well, I remembered the things that we did together then, and even his birthdate, but not his name, lol! That's how bad I am with names (and faces!), haha! My friend and I did some brainstorming and finally figured it out! So I immediately searched him thru FB and added him as a friend! We chatted and decided to meet up!

Meeting place was in Rob Galleria! While waiting, there was this weirdo who approached me and sat across me at McDo, and I was really surprised (and scared!). I guess he's selling something, but I asked him to leave and told him that I was waiting for someone. And he annoyed me more when he said "matagal pa siguro yun hinihintay mo". I insisted that he leave but before leaving, he said "ganda mo kasi", pabalikin ko sana e, charot!

So then Aldwin (that's his name) arrived, and we rode MRT to get to Trinoma! It was only 3:30pm and MRT is already jam-packed! Ka-haggard lang! We had snacks at Fuzion and went to SM to watch a movie! We watched Avengers, and really loved it! It was a two and a half hour movie and there was not a dull moment! I love Ironman's humor and Hulk's temper, haha! After the movie, we went back to Trinoma for quick dinner at Burger King!

the only pic we had

Then, my bff Zaicy and his bff Emer, met me at Trinoma! Zaicy invited me to stay with them at Great Eastern Hotel (dahil makapal ang mukha ko, sama naman ako, lol!). The hotel was quite old but it's clean (aarte pa ba ko e libre lang naman, haha!) 

It's so fun to be with these two!  They've been friends (matagal ko ng wish na sana maging lovers!) for a long time and they do nothing but make fun of one another! Emer's friendly too, just like Zaicy, so I was very  at ease! 

And because I'm with Zaicy, you'd have nothing to expect but lots and lots of pictures! We made the hotel's pool and gym our own studio! Dahil gwapo at matangkad yang friend ko, pasok na pasok siyang maging model!

I super enjoyed the movie date and the hotel experience! Thanks sa mga sponsors ko, lol! The restdays are over though, and I need to get back to work tonight!

For more pics of Great Eastern Hotel, please see Zaicy's blog!


  1. Glad you had fun marse, it was special but made more special kasi you were there! until sa susunod na mga lakad! :))

  2. Wow, na-touch naman ako! thanks marse! super enjoy kayo kasama ni emer!