Sunday, April 22, 2012

Palmera Dimsum House!

Me and my best friends Arnica, Joana, and Lori decided to meet up for a late breakfast. Lori suggested we eat in Palmera Dimsum House because she's been there several times and she said that the food is great!

It was my first time to dine here though, and I was not disappointed! :)

Me and Lori

Joana, Sophie and Rnix

Here are what we had: Chicken Garlic, Beef Broccoli, Pancit Canton Con Lechon, and Yang Chow Rice!

The food is really affordable so it's all worth it! Short order for the chicken (serving: 8 pcs) and the beef is only P150 and the generous serving of pancit is only P70! And the Yang Chow Rice which is good for 2 persons is P60 (I forgot to take a picture, too excited to eat!).

Garlic Chicken
Beef Broccoli

Pancit Canton Con Lechon

What I love most is the Garlic Chicken! It was very crispy and also has a separate dip (somehow sweet) which I think is made from oyster sauce. Everything's delicious though!

They also have dumplings and spring rolls (my favorites!). And there are still a variety of dishes made of pork and seafood and veggies. So definitely, I'll be back to try those! :)

Click here to see more of Palmera Dimsum's menu!

Palmera Dimsum House 
57 Rizal Ave. Taytay, Rizal  
401-5695 / 385-8025


  1. sasama ako sa pagbabalik mo dyan, o-order ako ng pancit all for myself :)

  2. where's this located? ansarap ng food!

    1. Masarap talaga.. sa Taytay, Rizal po ito.. Kung uuwi kayo at like mo pumunta, sasamahan ka namin ni zaizai!