Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Sweet Tooth!

I love cakes and I love coffee too so when I saw the ad about the unli cakes and coffee at Secret Recipe, how can I say no?! ;)

I went to Shangri-La Mall with bffs Sasa and Zaicy. It's weird but I'm kind of nervous when we got there, haha! Or maybe, I'm just excited!

I ordered their brewed coffee versus the jasmine tea! The coffee's good! I tried the tea once and hated it, I just can't get myself to like something that tastes like sampaguita extract, eeww!

I got to eat 5 slices of cake out of the seven choices. Not bad! I have to admit though that those I cannot finish, I gave to Zaicy! :p

Here are the cakes...

This one's my most favorite. I like that the chiffon is soft and moist (you know it's not stale just because it's on sale, haha!). And I like the icing too, the mild taste of coffee and light sweetness of cream.. yummy!

Almond Coffee Cake

I wasn't able to try this. I'm not a fan of strawberries so I didn't put it in my priority list, only to find out later that it's no longer available. :(  But I bet this one's good too, Sasa and Zaicy liked it!

White Strawberry Cake

Black Forest Cakes are not my favorite! I don't like the weird combination of cherries and wine. Yet, I still ordered this and after a mouthful, gave the rest to Zaicy! (Good thing, it's his favorite!)

Black Forest Cake

I didn't like this one neither. Something in it makes it hard to swallow!!

Mocha Walnut Cake

I think this one's the least favorite of everyone! I personally did not order it but I got a piece from Zaicy's slice. I can't describe it, really weird, nutty and salty at the same time? Aren't cakes supposed to be sweet??

Golden Nugget Cake

I like this one too. Just like those cakes you can order from red ribbon. Nothing special but I guess I really love chocolate and mocha!

Cocoa Mocha Cake

And surely enough, I loved this one too! Thick and smooth chocolate on top of moist chiffon plus caramel in the middle! If I wasn't that full, I'd order one more!

Moist Chocolate Cake

Overall, it was a pleasant experience! Secret Recipe has a nice and clean and cool place, the staff were friendly enough and the cakes are delicious! It seems that they are serving half of the cake's usual slice, which I think is ideal so you get to have more space in your tummy and more flavors to indulge with! :)

A friend actually wants to try this again but I guess the promo's no longer available. Maybe we can try the unli cakes and coffee of The Coffee Beanery? :)


  1. I wan't to go on another cake all you can trip! bobongga ko na this time :)

    1. Go tayo dun sa SM Marikina naman.. Or keri din sa Shangrila para mas shala.. dun sa The Coffee Beanery.. :)

  2. Ang pastries talaga ang isa sa namiss ko sa Pinas. For me, ang boring ng mga bakeries dito. I'll blog about it when I get a chance to take photos sa bakeries dito.

    1. Ang pastries kasi dito bongga talaga! Hindi pwede sa diabetic! Sige, I'll watch out for your post! :)

  3. wow! sarap ng cake... Honestly di ko pa yata natikman lahat yan... tuwing bday lang kasi ako bumibili ng cake hahaha...

    mukhang masarap ang golden nugget cake...