Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tagaytay with the gays!

Hello everyone!

In less than a week's time, I'll be celebrating my 27th birthday! And yes, I also have a simple request. Inggitera ko e, haha. But instead of the usual pic greeting, I want a simple testimonial. Yes, a testimonial.. remember the good old friendster days? A short paragraph of how you see me as a person.. first impressions.. comments.. suggestions.. violent reactions or what not. Prizes? Wala. Birthday ko di ba?! Gift nyo na saken yan, okay? Thanks a bunch! Love you all.

Now back to regular programming..

Me and my two best gay friends, Zaicy and Carl, went to Tagaytay last week. We all wanted to take a break from stress and to enjoy the summer heat while it's here, so we planned a quick weekend getaway. It could have been in Laiya but most resorts are fully booked so we opted for Tagaytay.

We rode a van in Starmall transport terminal bound to Lemery and dropped off at Tagaytay Rotonda. Fare is PhP180. We then rode a tricycle to Tagaytay Haven Hotel in Ulat, checked-in and off we went to Picnic Grove.

A view of the pekeng bulkan.. di ba, Carl?

There were only three of us but our food is fit for more.. Nothing could be more fun than eating good food with your best buddies! Deadma kahit ako favorite nilang away-awayin.

Chicken Joy Bucket c/o Carl
Zaicy's special chicken casserole.. Super yummy!
Peach Panna Cotta
My homemade pizza :)
Oreo Cheesecake by me
Enjoy na enjoy sa pag-lafang ang bata!

We went back to hotel around 2pm when it was about to rain. I watched tv while the two were sleeping. At 6pm, we went to Mushroom Burger for dinner. Hindi ko maka-get over sa PhP200 na pamasahe namin sa tricycle mula sa hotel papunta sa resto.. que mahal!

I've heard a lot about mushroom burger but I thought there was really nothing special to it.  Both the place and the sandwich didn't quite meet my expectations. But that's just me. Baka favorite ninyo yan e awayin ninyo pa ko no!

Regular mushroom burger with fries and drinks - PhP73

From the diner, we then walked to Sky Ranch. There's a PhP100 entrance fee to the park but there's an on-going promo of 50% discount until end of this month. 

We rode the Sky Eye and paid PhP150. So far, Sky Eye is the tallest ferriswheel in the Philippines at 63 meters high. The ride lasted for about 10mins.

The Grand Sky Eye

My favorite look-up photo!

We then had coffee at Starbucks, went back to the hotel, watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 on cable tv and called it a night. The next morning, we had the bonggang pictorial at the hotel.

I've read quite a few negative reviews about Tagaytay Haven Hotel so I didn't expect much. But there's nothing that I could complain about except that the pool was under construction. I was really excited to swim. In fact, I even bought a new pair of swimsuit for that.. lol. The garden was really beautiful plus the container van rooms were a very creative idea. The rooms were clean and minimalist. Well, wifi was not working but I really didn't mind.

We went back to the hotel room to grab our things and readied ourselves for check-out. When I opened the door though, I got the biggest surprise of my life! As in napatili kami ng mga bakla. It was raining like there's tomorrow. Seconds ago, the sky was clear and the sun real bright. Talk about crazy weather nowadays!

The finale look-up!

The End.

Walang kaabog-abog na ending, hahaha..

BTW, PBO's next outreach project will be held this June 1st. Join us! Click here for more info.

Hugs and kisses everyone!


  1. magkano yung s tagaytay hotel nyo frend?

  2. Testimonial ba kamo? Sure! Bwaha ha ha ha (evil laugh)

    Hayan 2 na kayo ni Zai na mag inspire na i-post ko yung ever pending Tagaytay adventure ko. Kelan kaya?

    Btw, THANKS for your support to my blog that is closing soon (tears). Talagang up until the last post support to the max ka pa rin (teary eyed)...

    See yah around from my other corner ;) xoxo

  3. Huwaw! You really had fun.. I hope to get away too before the school starts..anyway, wait for your bday testi...hihi

  4. ayun ohh! lapet na bday mo ahh! lam na ha?
    makaGAY ka naman lalaking lalaki nga yan sila ee!
    anyway, saya nu tignan, sana my mga friends din akong ganyan

  5. Food and Fun!! what a great way to spend the summer.

  6. Hahaha dami kong tawa sa title, parang muji mo lang nag isip :)

    Ang saya saya no! Ang saya kasama ng mga shutay tomy gaya namin! Mwahs Marse lapit na bday mo! :*

  7. mukang masarap yung chicken casserole ala Zai edition. at ang dami kong bungisngis sa pekeng bulkan. meron pla non. lol

  8. sarap at saya talaga ng bonding nyo. At ganda din ng lugar like all of you:)
    Happy Birthday soon. My comment to you? Sweeeeeet, small but with a golden heart.
    Magiisip pa para humaba:)

  9. Kelan ba deadline ng testi?

    Enjoy naman ang quick weekend getaway sa Tagaytay! Saya!

  10. Masarap yong mushroom burger! nakaka-miss!


  11. balang araw ma aakyat ko rin yan bulkan na yan.. bakit naman peke?

  12. mahihilo yata ako pag sumakay sa tallest ferriswheel..

  13. aaaaw ang saya ng trip nio sa tagaytay.. bet ko rin makasakay dyan sa tallest ferris wheel here... bongga ang lafang! mukang peaceful sa tagaytay haven.. i like the idea of a van room ;)

    humanda ka sa testimonial ko bwahahaha! love you sis.. miss you much mwah!

  14. bakit pekeng bulkan? curious lang... ;)

    advance happy birthday cutie and sexy Joanne! :)

  15. Ah friendster! The good old days. Hahahaha! Nakakamiss nga naman yung mga testimonials. Mas self-centered pa nga din pala amg mga tao noon. Hahaha! So i guess your birthday geyaway was FABULOUS making it more like TaGAYtay? Hahahaha! I'm sure to da max ang saya.

    27 ka na pala. Blossoming na blossoming lang. Happy birthday!

  16. looks fun, made me miss my gay friends. and grabe yung food ha, more than enough for 3 talaga. i love the look up photo too. :)

  17. ang cute naman ng pagkain sa burger hehehe... musta na diyan ^___^

  18. A+ sa post na to. di ko alam kung bakit tumatawa ko. yung testimonial thing, di ko ata inabutan yun. tulog ako sa social world nung mga panahong yun.

  19. Crushee san ilalagaya ang testi? deadline na bukas diba. hihi Happy birthday :P

  20. FOOD at HOTEL check in. Eto yung usto kong maexperience..hay, pag enuf sahod ko gagawin ko din to tas itotodo ko ang aircon.. tas maraming chicken/..

  21. wow! share naman ng recipe sa oreo cheesecake. pretty please!