Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Million Thanks!

Dear God,

Can I ever Thank You enough?

Woke up to just another ordinary day
But I dare not complain
You gave me another morn to spare
And Thank You is all I can say

I've got a family so huge, so crazed
But the love they give is beyond compare
I guess a perfect home is what we all wish for
So Thank You Lord, I couldn't ask for more

Untamed set of friends I have them too
Yet in tough times, I've proven them true
You brought wonderful people in my life
Forgetting to Thank You is just not right

I know sometimes I whine too much
About the things I want but can't have
But Lord, I Thank You because you always give
Just enough of what I ever need

I tend to worry every so often
Anxious of things that are yet to happen
But I know You're there to guide, to protect
Thank You for that promise You kept

Not too long ago I got sick and I was afraid
I cried of pain but never did I lose faith
I was grateful for the doctors but I Thank You even more
You healed me, You had my health restored

And could I ever forget the time when I felt broken
I was alone, or so I thought, and I hit rock bottom
I sincerely prayed that You come back into my life
Then You made me realize.. You were there all the while

God, You are so good.

Thank You.

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  1. very nice tama lageng magpasalamat kahit may mga pagsubok na dumarating:)

  2. This is nice and meaningful but why can't i have those? why some people are lucky to be happy and have a family? and god never fails to listen you. you got it all.

    1. I just don't know what to say. I have no idea as to what you've been thru. But God listens to everyone and answers our prayers in His perfect time. Hugs to you, Poy. :)

    2. Thank you Ms. joanne. i appreciate that hug, maybe that is all i need. :) thank you for the comment in my blog also.

  3. so much to be thankful for - this is so great Marsepan! :)

    1. Isa ka sa untamed friends ko, alam mo yan! Mwah. Haha..

  4. Replies
    1. For what? For coming into your life?? Hahaha.

  5. tama talaga ang sinabi ni Mang Unyol....malagpasan man o hindi ang pagsubok ay salamat pa rin...

    1. Hello Arvs. Thanks sa madalas na pagdalaw :)

  6. Ang bait bait...

    At count nalang ng blessings :-)

  7. tama...count your blessings nga at aray oh sigaw ng tagumpay man palagi pa ding magpasalamat :)

  8. Amen! thank you God!
    isa sa pinakagusto ko tng entry na to, galing mo joanne!
    good luck ahh

  9. hi joanne! what a beautiful poem u made.
    how are u feeling?

  10. Awww Ate Joanne, very inspiring naman tong entry mo for Mommy Joy's poetry contest.

  11. galing friend! bravo... and Amen to this! ;)

  12. I cannot agree more. It's so right to thank Him even for nothing. I mere fact that we and our family are alive and healthy are something to be thankful for. I am super glad that you are back. It's been awhile and I miss your post and whereabouts.


    1. Oh I missed you too, Sam! I was too lazy to blog the past few weeks, haha.

  13. Awwww... Marapat nga na Siya'y pasalamatan... Nice poem... ramdam kong it's from the bottom of your heart...

  14. I couldn't agree more. God bless Tita Joanne :)

  15. This is your entry to Mami Joy's contest right. I like it a lot, very sincere and heartfelt.

  16. wow... tama nga na magpasalamat tayo sa Kanya....

    galing ^^

  17. batang may laban!! pak sana manalo kaw sa contest ...... alam na!

  18. Good luck Jho, if my nomination ikaw ang iboboto ko.hahahhaha.unfair di vah. lol...

    1. Hahahaha! At least alam kong may boboto saken.. Thanks Mhie! Mwah.

  19. Hi Joanne! Wishing you the be4st of health :) Please blog na :)