Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pearl Farm Beach Resort - Davao Day 2

I woke up as early as 5am on our second day in Davao. I was just too excited for the day tour at Pearl Farm Beach Resort! When the two girls gays woke up, I was done taking a bath and was already putting on some make up, lol.

We had a quick breakfast and off we went to Pearl Farm Marina where the wharf going to the resort is located. We had to be there by 7:30am for registration. Boat leaves at 8am and you wouldn't want to miss it because the next boat schedule is at 1:30PM.

Pearl Farm Marina Wharf
We had a few minutes to spare at the Marina so we were able to take some pictures. And I was able to buy two pairs of fresh water pearl earrings for PhP100 from Manong Badjao.. too bad because Tita (Deo's mom) and Auntie got 4 pairs for PhP100! I'm not the best when it comes to haggling, tsk!

Me and my ampon TJ
Zaicy in his favorite shot wearing the precious PhP500 sando
Mama Carl
It took about 45 minutes to get from Marina to the resort. Bottled water were provided during the trip.

Dimpy, Auntie, Tita, TJ, Me, Carl & Zaicy
Should I call these "bottled"? Pic from google images
Upon arrival at the resort, we were welcomed by warm greetings from the staff and a refreshing glass of pineapple juice!

The welcome drink
 Plus a quick orientation from Ate

And we will now take you on a tour with us.. :D

The fishes says hi to you
And Dimples welcomes you to Pearl Farm!
Carl presents the "famous" Parola
Quick rest at the open huts for day tour guests
The Infinity Pool
Jacuzzi and man-made falls
Zaicy at the other pool
And ofcourse, me at the white sand beach! ;)
We all got tired and hungry after exploring the resort but it was still two hours before lunch time. So Carl decided to grab a drink..

Chos! Pang-hugas po yan ng paa..
We ordered Hawaiian pizza and some fruit juices! We finished them in no time as usual.. PG mode!

Buko Juice, Pomelo and Watermelon shakes!
But we're not done with the tour yet! We went to Parola to schedule for boat transfer to the other island which I forgot the name. We reached it in less than 10 minutes and there were noone there except us and some staffs.

An island all to ourselves!
"Have a safe day at the beach", says the bitch!
"Puno" shots
The pink flag and my pink bikini
Astig ni Deo.. Parang tunay!
Enjoy din si TJ!

We were starving and went back to the resort for our lunch buffet at the Maranao restaurant. The food is superb and I loved the desserts. A thumbs up from me!

The Maranao Restaurant
Some of the food included in the buffet
My lunch! Super busog after!
We went swimming and beach bumming again. But time really flies when you're having so much fun. Before we knew it, it was almost 3pm and we had to take showers and prepare to go back home. But ofcourse, I had to buy a ref magnet for my collection at the Butik souvenir shop!

Gwapo ng receptionist ng Butik.. Ay si Zaicy pala!
Ref magnet lang po nabili ko.. mahalia fuentes yun iba e

Our day tour ended with a blast! Instead of riding the usual ferry boat, we were asked to ride a speed boat. It was a first for me. Or maybe for most of us, we all had fun! Our travel time was cut into more than half! 

Hindi naman halatang masaya kami no?!

The End..


After the Pearl Farm daytour, we still went to Gaisano Mall in Lanang for early dinner at Pepper Lunch. And that's another first for me, lol! Then had ice cream after!

Mine's the usual rocky road

Sorry guys for the very long post and picture overload! I just can't leave some details and shots behind! :p



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Day Tour @ Pearl Farm 8AM to 4PM
Mon-Thurs PhP1995 / Fri-Sun-Hol PhP 2500 for adults
Kids 6-12 yrs old @ 50% charge / Kid 0-5 yrs old PhP375
Package includes roundtrip boat transfers, welcome drinks, buffet lunch and use of selected facilities
*Info from their daytour leaflet


  1. sexy ng nakapula na swimsuit. sino kaya un? :)

    1. Si dimples po yun naka-red na may stripes! :)

  2. Kinabog mo si zai sa pink na 2piece, bawi na lang sya sa long gown lol :)

  3. wow ganda ng resort and kakagutom yung food... Yummy

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    cn't get over p rin ako sa pics na i-dinikit (dedicate) mo sa 'kin.. thanks huh. khit di pwede, ipipilit ko p rin...BAGAY kau ni Zaicy. (plz. walang libel2 muna. Magpapasko nman na ZAI). hehe

    thank u for sharing ur trip wd us, prang nkapunta n rin ako ng Davao...naamoy ko ang amoy ng Durian at di ko mtake ang lasa. hehe (imagine ko n lng.)

    agen, i'm so overwhelmed. i jz wish sana someday, we'll met in person.. Libre mangarap. hehe

    God bless.

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  7. I thought you already had a steal for P100 worth of pearl earrings, until you mentioned about the 4 pairs for 100 thingy hahaha...

    So that's the controversial, 500-peso worth of sando of Zai. Not bad at all... but still.. I find the price a tad too much.

    Ang cute nung bottled water, ang kulit lang nung shape.

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