Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vikings at SM Marikina!!

First, I'd like to thank everyone who sent their greetings on my birthday. May it be a wall post, a picture greeting, a tweet, a comment here on my blog or a testimonial that I wished for (or all of the above in case of Archieviner).. they are all very much appreciated. You all made me feel special on my special day!

Just as I have previously mentioned, me and some of my office friends went to Vikings to celebrate my birthday. 

I normally would not want to eat in a buffet resto.. hindi naman ako ganun kalakas kumain so feeling ko hindi siya sulit saken. Good thing, Vikings has this birthday promo wherein celebrants can enjoy the buffet for free! You just have to be with at least one paying adult and present a valid ID.  I also just found out that they have made the promo even better.. now you can avail of it three days before or after your special day!  

Here are the rates!

And here are my beautiful friends and the beautiful me.. walang kokontra!

Carl and June!
Zaicy and Faye!
The birthday girl!

And the food heaven.. The vast selection of food really had me drooling! I didn't get to taste all of them but what I loved the most are the sushi and the marshmallow and chocolate fondue! Pa-sweet lang ang kain :)

Now the most exciting (and a bit embarrassing) part is when the staff sang a happy birthday song.. may pa-effect pa ng tambourine and guitar plus a cutesy backdraft! 

And I also got a mini birthday cake! Thank you, Vikings! :)

It was such a lovely experience! I guess we all had fun.. or baka ako lang kasi ako lang walang binayaran e, haha.

Next, I'll be sharing PBO's 3rd outreach program at Silid Aralan, Inc.


*Photos c/o Zaicy!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today is the day! It's my 27th birthday!!!

My 26th year had been crazy, fun and full of blessings.. Nothing that I couldn't thank God for! Thank You God again for my sweet family.. for my lovely sets of friends.. for the newer friends I met thru blogging.. for my job.. for the opportunity to travel.. for the chance to help others in a little way thru PBO.. for those who've touched my life and made me realize even more how blessed I am.. And Thank You God for all the days that I'll be waking up to! God is not only good, He is generous!

And yes! I had a simple pre-birthday celebration at home with my best of friends last Sunday.. I wanted a tea party at first, so I made this invite and posted it on our fb group..

But it became an I-don't-know-what-to-call party because I was too lazy to plan and to prepare.. but the tea is still there... iced tea!!! Leveling kaya ang init para sa totoong tea..

I made my own version of a clubhouse sandwich.. ham, cheese and egg. And my Kuya Jay cooked the delicious spaghetti!

Mukha ng ulam yun sauce, no? :)

Coffee jelly and graham cake for dessert.. I made 'em! No photo of the graham cake and I may be getting violent reactions for it.. Friends, birthday ko so don't be harsh.. haha :P

Mama also cooked my all time favorite hamonado while Rnix gave me a box of brownies. And I bought myself a cake! It wasn't really by birthday yet so I didn't mind putting a candle on it..

Zaicy arrived early and put in this cutesy banner he made for me. You all know Zaicy, he's as thoughtful as can be!

Super like!

And he had time to play with my three pamangkin.. Na-haggard ka sa kulet ng mga 'to no, Zaicy?

Francine, Iron-Jaydrex and Joelle

Now what I really loved is that my lady guests were indeed wearing dresses.. Ang saya!

With the very summer-y girls - Apple, Rnix and Stah! Plus Chin and Athena
With Rio!
Black Fairy Lori and Princess Sophie

My friends kept bugging me why I was wearing black on my birthday party.. Bawal na pala yun ngayon? So I changed into a happier color..

With Sophie who celebrated her 4th birthday a day before!

It was an anything-goes-party.. spontaneity is key! The kids played the whole time, hindi talaga nauubusan ng energy may kyota. We also chatted non-stop, ate non-stop, laughed non-stop!

Jump kung jump!
The techie kids!
The PBB teens este babies.. may holding hands agad agad on the side!
Play time with Baby Joelle
Buti nagkasya tayo sa sofa namin no?
Naging dining table na ang floor for the kids!
Takaw nyo! Char.
We also watched Speed.. na ni-dub sa tagalog.. na ikina-OC ko ng bongga.. Ang sakit lang sa bangs ng english film na tinagalog no? Mas keri ko pa yun ibang language at magbasa ko subtitle e. Anyways, buti gwapo si Keanu Reeves!

We also watched Fast & Furious 6 sa pirated cd, sshhh.. Pero di ko naman naintindihan dahil busy-busyhan ako. Then my special guest (as Rio put it) arrived and brought me adobo that he cooked for me. He didn't stay for long.. but it was enough to make me kilig.. Landi? Charowts.

Ikinaloka ko lang ang reaction, hindi ng mga friends ko ah, pero ng mga kiddo. Like si malditang Sophie na lumapit saken at tinanong, "Anong name nyang friend mo?". Pabulong lang sana yun question, kaso hindi ko naintindihan agad kaya isinigaw niya. At si Jaydrex naman na ni-head-to-foot look ang koya mo na akala mo e siya ang tatay ko.. Kaka-stress ang mga batang 'to!

Anyways, I had an even bigger surprise sa party ko.. nag-brown out! Kalurkey di ba? But it lasted for a few minutes lang and added a little thrill sa celebration so keri lang.

I had so much fun. Thanks friends for coming. I feel loved. Thanks din sa pag-chismis saken kay mama ha? Lalo na sayo Lori dahil buong giliw daw yun kuwento mo sabi ni Jay, haha.

Do I really look 27?
Later today, I'll be celebrating again but this time with my office friends. We'll eat in Vikings in SM Marikina. At dahil birthday ko, libre ang lunch buffet ko, yey!

And before I end this post, let me also greet this very special person a belated happy birthday! She celebrated her birthday a few days ago. I haven't met her in person, but she made me feel appreciated and important.. not just once.

Sorry, I stole your pic :)
Happy Happy Birthday to my dear Mhie of Travelentz! I hope you had an awesome celebration and pray you happiness and good health for you and your beautiful family. And thank you, too. 

Enjoy the rest of the week, blogger friends! Mwah.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tagaytay with the gays!

Hello everyone!

In less than a week's time, I'll be celebrating my 27th birthday! And yes, I also have a simple request. Inggitera ko e, haha. But instead of the usual pic greeting, I want a simple testimonial. Yes, a testimonial.. remember the good old friendster days? A short paragraph of how you see me as a person.. first impressions.. comments.. suggestions.. violent reactions or what not. Prizes? Wala. Birthday ko di ba?! Gift nyo na saken yan, okay? Thanks a bunch! Love you all.

Now back to regular programming..

Me and my two best gay friends, Zaicy and Carl, went to Tagaytay last week. We all wanted to take a break from stress and to enjoy the summer heat while it's here, so we planned a quick weekend getaway. It could have been in Laiya but most resorts are fully booked so we opted for Tagaytay.

We rode a van in Starmall transport terminal bound to Lemery and dropped off at Tagaytay Rotonda. Fare is PhP180. We then rode a tricycle to Tagaytay Haven Hotel in Ulat, checked-in and off we went to Picnic Grove.

A view of the pekeng bulkan.. di ba, Carl?

There were only three of us but our food is fit for more.. Nothing could be more fun than eating good food with your best buddies! Deadma kahit ako favorite nilang away-awayin.

Chicken Joy Bucket c/o Carl
Zaicy's special chicken casserole.. Super yummy!
Peach Panna Cotta
My homemade pizza :)
Oreo Cheesecake by me
Enjoy na enjoy sa pag-lafang ang bata!

We went back to hotel around 2pm when it was about to rain. I watched tv while the two were sleeping. At 6pm, we went to Mushroom Burger for dinner. Hindi ko maka-get over sa PhP200 na pamasahe namin sa tricycle mula sa hotel papunta sa resto.. que mahal!

I've heard a lot about mushroom burger but I thought there was really nothing special to it.  Both the place and the sandwich didn't quite meet my expectations. But that's just me. Baka favorite ninyo yan e awayin ninyo pa ko no!

Regular mushroom burger with fries and drinks - PhP73

From the diner, we then walked to Sky Ranch. There's a PhP100 entrance fee to the park but there's an on-going promo of 50% discount until end of this month. 

We rode the Sky Eye and paid PhP150. So far, Sky Eye is the tallest ferriswheel in the Philippines at 63 meters high. The ride lasted for about 10mins.

The Grand Sky Eye

My favorite look-up photo!

We then had coffee at Starbucks, went back to the hotel, watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 on cable tv and called it a night. The next morning, we had the bonggang pictorial at the hotel.

I've read quite a few negative reviews about Tagaytay Haven Hotel so I didn't expect much. But there's nothing that I could complain about except that the pool was under construction. I was really excited to swim. In fact, I even bought a new pair of swimsuit for that.. lol. The garden was really beautiful plus the container van rooms were a very creative idea. The rooms were clean and minimalist. Well, wifi was not working but I really didn't mind.

We went back to the hotel room to grab our things and readied ourselves for check-out. When I opened the door though, I got the biggest surprise of my life! As in napatili kami ng mga bakla. It was raining like there's tomorrow. Seconds ago, the sky was clear and the sun real bright. Talk about crazy weather nowadays!

The finale look-up!

The End.

Walang kaabog-abog na ending, hahaha..

BTW, PBO's next outreach project will be held this June 1st. Join us! Click here for more info.

Hugs and kisses everyone!